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Monday, July 6, 2015

Equalizer’s Xtegrity wins top innovation award

Equalizer Flange Integrity Systems (EFIS), part of the Equalizer Group, was recognised for the world-leading innovative design of a new system which will benefit the global oil and gas industry, when it won the Grampian Award for Innovation at the Elevator Awards in the UK.

The Xtegrity system, developed in response to an industry-wide problem in the oil and gas sector, provides a unique solution for dealing with heavily corroded or degraded bolts in flange joints on offshore and onshore installations. It takes away the need to remove corroded bolts by “replacing” them with a new set of bolts which clamp around the outside of the flange and are held in place with a floating frame.

Of particular relevance to ageing assets such as those in the North Sea, it provides a solution to the problem through a system which is safer, more efficient and more cost effective that anything else on the market. Xtegrity can reduce the time required to carry out work from days to hours, resulting in potentially huge savings across the energy sector.

The Award presented by Elevator (previously known as the Grampian Awards for Business Excellence) went to EFIS for demonstrating that innovation was at the core of its current and future success.

“This is a great achievement for the company and we are delighted to accept this prestigious award,” said Alan Morrison, General Manager of EFIS. “The Xtegrity Flange Integrity System has significant operational and commercial benefits with the potential to revolutionise the market. This is a safe, cost-effective and budgetable solution which can significantly reduce or eliminate the need to shutdown in order to carry out necessary work.”

EFIS was established in 2014 as a new service company set up by Equalizer International as part of the Equalizer Group to take forward the development of the Xtegrity system. Xtegrity was primarily developed for customers in the energy sector after one of its customers, a global operator, approached Equalizer and asked them to develop a solution. Its use is now being rolled out across the industry with ongoing potential across a wide range of other industry sectors.

This is the third award won by the Equalizer Group in recent months. Equalizer International’s  Secure-Grip (SG) tools were recognized in the EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Challenge Awards as having an impact on safety and quality while challenging tasks durations and costs.

The company was also awarded a Diploma of Distinction for Innovation at the 8th Gas Engineering Fair EXPO-GAS held in Kielce, Poland. The organisers of the event particularly singled out the SG tools for pipe flange spreading which they highlighted as one the most innovative products on show during the two-day exhibition.

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