Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Primus Efficient power Vitality and Jereh report worldwide cooperation to convey gas-to-fluids frameworks Tuesday, Oct 27, 2015

Primus Efficient power Vitality and Jereh report worldwide cooperation to convey gas-to-fluids frameworks Tuesday, Oct 27, 2015

Primus Environmentally friendly power Vitality Inc., a gas-to-fluids (GTL) innovation and arrangements organization that changes methane and other hydrocarbon gasses into gas, methanol and diluent, and Jereh, a worldwide, incorporated oil and gas organization represent considerable authority in Oil and Gas EPC administrations, oilfield innovation administrations and gear fabricating, today declared the dispatch of a worldwide business sector coordinated effort.

Primus and Jereh will together market and send a scope of adaptable, strong GTL frameworks – including gas-to-fuel and gas-to-methanol frameworks – that utilization Primus' exclusive STG+™ procedure to create top notch fluid items from characteristic gas. The innovation financially changes common gas feedstocks into fluid finished items at scales as little as 4 MMscf every day (100,000 Nm3 every day) of regular gas.

"With the quickly developing interest for gas adaptation innovations, this coordinated effort will furnish forthcoming customers with an one of a kind chance to acquire a best-in-class GTL arrangement on an extensive singular amount single merchant premise," said Sam Golan, CEO of Primus Environmentally friendly power Vitality. "Jereh has an in number worldwide showcasing system and world-class creation, building and conveyance abilities, making this the perfect coordinated effort for the vital organization of our GTL frameworks."

The STG+™ innovation can utilize a scope of common gas feedstocks, including wellhead and pipeline gas, dry or wet related gas, "stranded" ethane, abundance syngas from underutilized reformers or blended characteristic gas fluids. The frameworks' stranded and related gas applications offer a perfect answer for the absence of customary normal gas pipeline foundation in remote areas, empowering the adaptation of gas that would somehow or another be stranded or flared.

The low sulfur, zero benzene gas created through the STG+™ procedure can be sold into a refinery mixing pool or straightforwardly into the wholesale market. Methanol delivered through the GTL frameworks can be sold into territorial markets or utilized nearby as a part of oil and gas creation operations, where it capacities as an erosion or scale inhibitor, a grating reducer, inhibitor of hydrate arrangement and a breaking liquid flowback enhancer.

"Through this organization, Jereh and Primus offer the vitality business an unmatched gas adaptation arrangement from a solitary seller that uses a best-in-class GTL innovation," said Li Weibin, VP at Jereh. "Our consolidated group will bolster customers amid each period of the usage, ensuring consistent venture conveyance and most extreme execution of the propelled frameworks."

Moreover, the pre-designed, secluded units are created offsite, then transported to the task site for conclusive get together, empowering fast conveyance and assisted development time.

Primus' procedure has been accepted through more than 7,000 hours of operation at its business testing plant in Hillsborough, N.J. By correlation with other GTL innovations, Primus' STG+™ procedure holds numerous key preferences, including record low capital and working expenses, high fluid item quality, zero wastewater, and unmatched procedure effortlessness. These focal points result in STG+™ innovation being exceptionally practical at all scales, beginning as little as 100,000 Nm3 every day of food gas.

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