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Thursday, August 13, 2015

India, Nepal eye fringe items line

The administrations of India and Nepal have marked an update of comprehension for development of a pipeline to convey oil items from an Indian Oil Corp. terminal at Raxaul, India, to Amlekhgunj, Nepal.

The assention likewise covers reengineering of a terminal at Amlekhgunj.

Around 39 km of the 41-km pipeline would be in Nepal. The understanding additionally covers reengineering of the station at Amlekhgunj.

Trucks now convey items from Raxaul and Amlekhgunj by truck, bringing on clogging at the outskirt.

The task had been proposed in 2006 as a 50-50 endeavor in the middle of IOC and Nepal Oil Corp., yet Nepal decay to finance its offer, as per an IOC proclamation.

Under the new assention, IOC would support the $30-million pipeline-development period of the task.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Initially oil from Mukta-B stage, India

Initially oil from Mukta-B stage, India

Wednesday, Jul 08, 2015

BG India accomplished first oil creation from the Mukta-B (MB), a 4 legged Wellhead Unmanned Stage in the seaward Bombay bowl, on 1 July.

BG has a 30% enthusiasm for the Panna-Mukta oil and gas fields close by our accomplices, ONGC and Dependence Commercial enterprises Ltd.

The MB and Mama pipelines have additionally been effectively finished as a major aspect of the task, empowering a restart of generation from the Mama stage, which had been close in because of pipeline honesty issues throughout the previous 2.5 years.

The undertaking timed more than 2 million "LTI free" worker hours and has a few firsts amazingly, including the utilization of green innovation including half and half sun oriented boards and wind turbines for independent force, remote checking offices for procedure streamlining and VOIP convention for better correspondence.

Shaleen Sharma, President & Overseeing Chief, BG India said, "This is a huge point of reference for BG India and the zenith of an incorporated collaboration by all capacities and contract parties."

Incremental advancement of the current fields by means of well intercession and infill boring battles, and additionally assessing new ventures and further improvement opportunities, is being arranged.

BG India has upstream premiums in three seaward delivering fields, two investigation licenses and has contracted long haul LNG deals into the quickly developing Indian gas market.

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