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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

All well objectives were achieved, as well as a sidetrack to judge associate top any south of the first target.

Norco makes oil discovery in Danmark Mon, Aug 11, 2008
Stavanger, eight August 2008: Norwegian Energy Company ASA (Noreco - OSE: NorecoNOR), Oil has been discovered within the South Tor Pod exploration well in Danmark, Norcoowns a half-dozen.56% share.

The South Tor Pod well discovered oil bearing chalks. the invention is found five kilometer southeast of the manufacturing South Arne field in Danmark, in license 7/89 awarded in 1989. The licensees can currently valuate the dimensions and productivity of the invention. Noreco's estimate of the dimensions of the prospect before drilling was thirty two million barrels of oil equivalents gross.

- we tend to ar very happy concerning the productive well at South Tor Pod. this is often one among variety of exploration wells close to our manufacturing fields. Currently, we tend to ar drilling 2 exploration targets close to the Norse deity field in Scandinavian country, and additionally attempt to explore round the Siri field in Danmark. These close to field exploration wells ar necessary to Noreco as they will add close to term production and reserves, says chief executive officer Scott Kerr.

South Tor Pod is a component of Noreco's intensive exploration and appraisal drilling programme, wherever eight of the primary 9 wells are productive.

Facts concerning well South Tor Pod well (Rigs - 4)

Hess Danmark APS, operator of license 7/89, ar finalising well operations on the South Tor Pod well.

The purpose of the well was to probe for hydrocarbons within the higher Cretaceous Chalk inside a structural closure moreover as a region south of and down flank constituting a possible stratigraphic oil accumulation entice. The well wasn't formation tested via rig instrumentation, however intensive reservoir knowledge assortment and sampling was conducted.

All well objectives were achieved, as well as a sidetrack to judge associate top any south of the first target.

The well was trained to a vertical depth of 2968 metres below the ocean level and was ended within the Cretaceous box formation. Water depth at the positioning is fifty five metres and therefore the well was trained by the jack-up rig Ensco-70.

A development of the South Tor Pod space can represent associate integrated a part of continuing|the continuing} continued development coming up with of the South Arne main field moreover because the Northern Extension (SANE) of the sphere that was appraised in 2006 by Rigs-3 as well as variety of sidetracks.

Facts concerning the South Arne field

The South Arne oil Chalk field in Danmark was placed on production in nineteen99 and is presently developed with 19 long horizontal producers and injectors. made oil and gas ar processed at the platform with oil being offloaded by ship from the tank and gas is exported by pipeline to Danmark. Production from the sphere was some twenty five 000 barrels of oil equivalents per day in 2007, and at the tip of 2007 a complete of roughly one hundred forty million barrels of oil equivalents had been made. Current field life is calculable to year 2027 with sizeable reserves remaining. homeowners of the South Arne licence 7/89 ar Hess (Operator, 57.48%), Dong E&P (34.38%), Noreco (6.56%) and Danoil (1.58%)

Source: Norwegian Energy Company

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