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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Other Barakah Offshore rock oil Berhad award of contract

Monday, Nov 14, 2016
Barakah Offshore rock oil Berhad ("Barakah" or the "Company") is happy to announce that its wholly-owned company, PBJV cluster Sdn Bhd ("PBJV"), has received the Letter of Award from district Shell rock oil Company Ltd ("SSPC") for the availability of Effluent Discharge Pipeline Replacement for Labuan petroleum Terminal ("Contract").


Labuan petroleum Terminal ("LCOT") may be a facility operated by SSPC that receive, dehydrate, store and export crude from fields settled offshore district that is operated by SSPC, PETRONAS Carigali and Repsol via 2 incoming trunk lines. The processed crude is then exported to tankers and also the made water is treated before disposal into the South China ocean via the effluent discharge pipeline.

The Contract involves Engineering, procural, Construction, Installation and empowerment of a brand new effluent discharge pipeline in LCOT. The transportation and installation shore approach involves the stringing of the new pipeline within the beach space within the neighborhood of LCOT. The pipeline can then be towed into the water and buried below the ocean bottom.


The lump-sum Contract having a price of over RM25 million is effective from Gregorian calendar month 2016 until the completion of the project, calculable to require or so a pair of years. The Contract is anticipated to contribute completely towards the earnings and web assets per share of Barakah cluster for the length of the Contract.


Risk factors poignant the Contract embrace, however not restricted to, execution risks like the accessibility of hot force and materials and changes in costs of materials. Barakah cluster has, throughout the years, established its record and experience to undertake such comes.

As such, the management of Barakah cluster believes that the cluster is in a position to mitigate the abovementioned risk factors.


None of the administrators and/or major shareholders and/or persons connected with the administrators and/or major shareholders of the corporate has any direct or indirect interest in the Contract.

For additional data, please visit:

For additional data on this project, please visit our comes OGP information

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