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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Real move up to Amazement's Sugarloaf stores and assets

Real move up to Amazement's Sugarloaf stores and assets

Wednesday, Jul 08, 2015

· 1P Stores up 48% to 19.4 MMBOE

· 2P Stores up 84% to 42.4 MMBOE

· 2P Stores + 2C Assets up 22% to 64.9 MMBOE

· All inclusive 2P Stores now more prominent than 100 MMBOE

Amazement Constrained (ASX: Wonderment) today declared that it had expanded its aggregate booked Stores and Unexpected Assets for the Sugarloaf Range of Common Interest ("AMI"), situated in the Falcon Passage Shale and Austin Chalk capricious plays in Texas, USA.

The redesign took after an autonomous examination and report arranged by DeGolyer and MacNaughton on the Lower Falcon Portage shale and Austin Chalk zones and Stunningness' beginning evaluation of the Unexpected Asset for the Upper Hawk Passage zone.

The Sugarloaf AMI covers various leases totaling more or less 24,000 sections of land and Amazement holds a 10% working interest (more or less 2,400 net sections of land). The table beneath abridges the progressions to Sugarloaf Stores and Unexpected Assets as at 31 December 2014, figured on a net income interest premise (after eminences).

Rundown of changes to Stunningness' Sugarloaf AMI Stores and Unexpected Assets

Sugarloaf AMI (Wonder net

income enthusiasm after sovereignties)

Current evaluation

as at 31 Dec 2014


Past evaluation

as at 31 Dec 2014




1P Stores




2P Stores




3P Stores




2C Unforeseen Assets




2P + 2C




*2C Unforeseen Assets incorporates Wonder's assessment of 12.8 MMBOE for the Upper Bird Passage zone. Every other Store and Assets reported in the present assessment at 31 December 2014 are as reported by DeGolyer and MacNaughton.

Overseeing Executive, Bruce Merciful, said that Sugarloaf keeps on being a very much overseen development resource that had reliably conveyed great creation execution and critical moves up to Wonder's Stores and Assets all through its advancement.

"This increment in 2P Stores of 19.3 MMBOE speaks to an increment of 24% altogether 2P Stores for Amazement to more than 100 MMBOE at 31 December 2014. It likewise speaks to near to four years of current creation for the Organization in light of 2014-15 generation direction of 4.6 to 5.1 MMBOE".

"For the nine month period to 31 Walk 2015, creation from the Sugarloaf AMI was up 49% over the earlier year practically identical period, and the administrator, Marathon Oil Company, likewise accomplished significant investment funds being developed well expenses over the same period. Toward the end of Walk 2015, 205 wells were underway in the AMI, with a further 40 wells being bored or anticipating finishing".

"Vitally, Marathon's late penetrating in the Upper Falcon Portage zone has recognized another extra noteworthy asset inside of the play (Figure 1), which is presently being tried with pilot improvement boring. Wonder has incorporated an introductory appraisal of 12.8 MMBOE as 2C Unforeseen Assets for this zone with further incremental potential", he included.

"Our Sugarloaf resource exists in the sweet spot of real esatate in the Falcon Portage Shale and Austin Chalk plays, and wells presently being bored in the AMI keep on giving alluring venture opportunities, even at current lower oil costs. Marathon proceeds to effectively seek after further cost sparing activities and in addition focusing on more proficient advancement through cushion boring and finish plan", Mr. Lenient said.

Clarifications as to the premise and explanations behind the above reported amendments to Saves and Unforeseen Assets

1. The appraisal and categorisation of Stores and Unexpected Assets is as per SPE-PRMS (2011) system and related rules for flighty (Shale) Petroleum Assets;

2. The reported figures have been totaled from assessments for individual existing and future wells on a number-crunching premise in every Store and Unforeseen Asset class;

3. Re-categorisation of Stores and Unforeseen Assets:

a. As an aftereffect of extra wells being penetrated.

b. Redesigned 1P, 2P and 3P sort creation bends taking into account late extra execution information and changes to break incitement plan.

c. 1P, 2P and 3P Stores are in light of full field improvement of 598, 874 and 877 wells separately with a 40 section of land dispersing. At the viable date, 187 of these wells were on generation.

4. Reconsidered monetary suspicions including:

a. Redesigned gauge expenses taking into account late memorable expenses and patterns.

b. Overhauled item estimating, with oil, condensate and NGL costs in light of the NYMEX strip cost for WTI oil as at the Assessment Date, with differentials to represent item quality and local valuing elements. Normal gas costs are taking into account the NYMEX strip cost as at the Powerful Date for characteristic gas at Henry Center point, with a differential to mirror the neighborhood conveyance point.

5. Acknowledgment of extra potential in the Hawk Portage Shale connected with the beginning of pilot generation and allotment of Unexpected Assets in the Upper Bird Passage zone. Past Bird Portage creation has been from the Lower Falcon Passage zone. Wonder envisions that 488 wells may be obliged to completely build up the Upper Falcon Passage at a 40 section of land well dispersing over the same area range as the fundamental Lower Hawk Portage Shale. Remaining possibilities incorporate pilot well execution and further depiction;

6. The Assessment Date for the present evaluation is 31 December 2014.

Stores and Assets.

The store and asset data contained in this declaration is in light of and reasonably speaks to data and supporting documentation arranged by and under the supervision of qualified petroleum stores and asset evaluators: Neil Tupper (General Supervisor, Investigation and Geoscience) and Dr. Suzanne Chase (Supervisor Designing and Advancement). Mr Tupper is a Geologist with an Experts Degree in Sedimentology and has more than 31 years' involvement in petroleum investigation. Dr. Chase is a Petroleum Engineer with a PhD in Geomechanics and has more than 18 years' involvement in the petroleum segment. Both have assented in keeping in touch with the incorporation of this data in the configuration and connection in which it shows up.

About Amazement Restricted.

Amazement Restricted is an Australian construct vitality organization concentrated in light of upstream oil and gas and related vitality opportunities. Set up in 1997 and recorded on the ASX, the Organization is headquartered in Sydney, Australia, with universal working workplaces in New Zealand and Indonesia. Amazement has fabricated a considerable arrangement of generation, improvement and investigation resources in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Indonesia and China. Stunningness additionally holds an enthusiasm for the Sugarloaf AMI in the Falcon Passage shale play in the USA. With its solid specialized base and trained money related administration, Wonder will keep on pursueing investigation, examination and improvement development opportunities in Australasia and Asia.

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