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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Farstad Shipping ASA – Sanction understandings

Farstad Shipping ASA – Sanction understandings

Tuesday, Jul 07, 2015

Farstad Shipping ASA has been recompensed the accompanying sanction contracts:

QUEIROZ GALVÃO EXPLORAÇÃO E PRODUÇÃO S.A. has honored a 2 year contract to the AHTS Far Sagaris (2009, UT 731 Cd, 23,664 BHP) to bolster their boring program in Brazil. Beginning of the agreement will happen between December 2015 and January 2016. Charterer has the alternative to extend the agreement up to 2 extra years. The vessel is in no time in layup in Norway and will have some extra gear introduced before she will be leaving for Brazil.

Saipem SA has granted the CSV Far Samson (2009, UT 761 Compact disc, 32,640 BHP/250 t Crane) an agreement of 9 months length of time to bolster their action in Brazil. Initiation of the agreement will occur amid Q3 2015. Moreover, Saipem has granted the Far Samson a 1 year contract from October 2016 with a further 2 x 1 year alternative.

A worldwide oil organization has recompensed an agreement to the PSV Far Spica (2013, PSV 08 Cd, 4,000 DWT) to bolster their action on the UK rack. Initiation will happen in August 2015, and length of time of the agreement will be 14 months with a further 6 x 1 month choice. The vessel has been laid up in Norway since right on time May.

PSV Far Solitaire (2012, UT 754 WP, 6,336 DWT) has been honored an agreement by a universal oil organization for operation on the Norwegian Mainland Rack. Beginning is required to be in September/October 2015, and the firm period is until 15 December 2016. The charterer has the choice to expand the agreement with altogether 2 extra years.

Aggregate estimation of the agreement, barring choices, is approx. NOK 600 factory.

Farstad Shipping's armada right now comprises of 61 vessels (31 AHTS, 25 PSV and 5 SUBSEA) and 2 SUBSEA vessels under development. The organization's operations are overseen from Aalesund, Melbourne, Perth, Singapore, Macaé and Rio de Janeiro with a sum of 2,200 workers connected with coastal and seaward. The organization's method is to be a main quality supplier of substantial, present day seaward administration vessels to the oil business. The organization keeps up a long haul sanction profile for the armada.

For more data, please visit : https://www.far

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