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Imminent Asset redesign at Manta field and Fabrication East prospect Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Imminent Asset redesign at Manta field and Fabrication East prospect Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Cooper Vitality Constrained ("Cooper Vitality", ASX: COE) declares that it has finished an audit of the Manta Profound and Delusion East prospects in VIC/RL13, VIC/RL14 and VIC/RL15 (once in the past VIC/L 26, 27 and 28) in the seaward Gippsland Bowl and has re-evaluated its Best Gauge Net Planned Asset in the two prospects to be 97.5 MMboe comprising of 491 PJ gas and 13.1 MMbbls oil and gas fluid (Cooper Vitality net offer). The assessed amounts of petroleum that might be possibly recouped by the utilization of future advancement project(s) identify with unfamiliar collections. These evaluations have both a related danger of revelation and a danger of advancement. Further investigation, examination and assessment is required to decide the presence of a noteworthy amount of conceivably moveable hydrocarbons.

The evaluation depends on new elucidation of reprocessed 3D seismic which has highlighted extra prospectivity in untested Intra-Latrobe and Brilliant Shoreline Subgroup stores (allude Figures 1-4 taking after). The prospects are situated in the same structures as existing demonstrated gas and oil fields at target levels both shallower and more profound than has been tried by the current well bores.

The Manta Profound prospect is situated underneath the Manta gas and oil field and can be assessed by extending the proposed Manta-3 evaluation well by an extra 1,000 meters. Extra forthcoming potential is evaluated in untested Intra-Latrobe repositories in a structure found 3km northwest of the Manta-1 revelation well over the demonstrated supply area. Manta-3 can be found such that it will evaluate the degree of the demonstrated Brilliant Shoreline gas/condensate asset and forthcoming potential in the Intra-Latrobe and more profound Brilliant Shoreline targets. The well could be bored in 2018 in a proposed penetrating effort that incorporates the boring of the Sole gas field improvement well. Improvement of the Sole gas field is right now being progressed through Front End Building and Plan for a Last Speculation Choice suggestion in October 2016.

The Planned Asset appraisal is notwithstanding the gross Unexpected Asset (2C) of 106 PJ and 2.6 MMbbls gas condensate assessed for the Manta gas field (COE net offer 69PJ and 1.7 MMbbls)1. The Manta field is the subject of a Business Case arranged by Cooper Vitality which distinguished a sound business open door for improvement of the field to supply gas to eastern Australian gas clients using the current Orbost Gas Plant.

The Delusion East prospect is found 3km south east along the same basic pattern and updip from the Figment 1 investigation well that found gas in the Brilliant Shoreline GB6 store (allude Figures 5-6 taking after). Both Manta and Figment are found seaward Victoria, 58 kilometers from the Orbost Gas Plant shore crossing in water profundities of around 130 meters.

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