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Monday, July 6, 2015

The primary subsea wet gas compressor on the planet at Gullfaks

Following quite a while of innovation advancement, development and testing the first subsea wet gas compressor on the planet is currently introduced at the Gullfaks C stage in the North Ocean.

In May and June Gullfaks subsea compressor venture (GSC) finished fruitful structure and module establishment battles for the subsea station. The compressors were introduced toward the end of June.

Subsea wet gas pressure at Gullfaks C will include 22 million barrels of oil comparable, and expand level generation by around two years.

"The establishment battles have been effectively performed via Subsea Seven," says venture supervisor Bjørn Birkeland. The task has now entered the last stage, testing and get ready for hand-over and start-up in the last quarter of this current year.

"This is the first compressor of its kind on the planet. It is a point of reference towards the compressor start-up, as well as for Statoil's subsea production line dreams," says Steinar Konradsen, proprietor delegate for the venture.

Testing of the complete compressor station still remains, however this work is in progress and the undertaking is on timetable.

Impressive arrangements for the start-up of the subsea compressor have been made on Gullfaks C also. This work, performed by Apply Sørco, is currently in the last stages.

The compressor speaks to a vigorous and adaptable measure to enhance oil recuperation (IOR) for the Gullfaks permit. The compressor will now be snared between the L and M subsea layouts and Gullfaks C. It is likewise conceivable to tie in other subsea wells to the compressor through existing pipelines. This may have advantages a long ways past the suspicions at the premise for the task choice.

"Subsea wet gas pressure is a distinct advantage for subsea preparing, and an essential innovation to build recuperation likewise on different fields," Konradsen underlines.

The defensive structure and compressor station were introduced in ahead of schedule May by the overwhelming lift vessel Oleg Strashnov. On 26 June the compressor and cooling modules were brought down into the right spot from the Seven Viking. The plant will be fixed back to the Gullfaks C stage in the late summer and harvest time.

The Gullfaks innovation arrangement is a wet gas compressor which does not require any treatment of the well stream before pressure.

Subsea pressure gives a more noteworthy impact than a traditional topside compressor. Likewise the stage maintains a strategic distance from additional weight and space needed by a topside pressure module.

Statoil is presently actualizing two subsea pressure ventures at Åsgard and Gullfaks on the Norwegian mainland rack (NCS) together with its permit accomplices. The ventures speak to critical bits of the jigsaw riddle of outlining the subsea production lines without bounds.

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