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Friday, April 29, 2016

MEO Australia: Quarterly exercises synopsis for period finished 31 Walk 2016 Friday, Apr 29, 2016


MEO Australia: Quarterly exercises synopsis for period finished 31 Walk 2016

Friday, Apr 29, 2016

MEO Australia Constrained (ASX: MEO) ("MEO" or "Organization") gives the accompanying synopsis in connection to its exercises amid the quarter finished 31 Walk 2016.

Action Rundown


Amid the quarter MEO proceeded with its itemized evaluation of the prospectivity of Piece 9 in light of the impressive amount of chronicled specialized information from Square 9 that has been gotten. The oil recuperations from various verifiable wells and in addition regular leaks and tar stores in Piece 9 show an across the board and productive petroleum framework. Starting investigation has likewise shown the nearness of various imminent basic patterns in Square 9. Also a 2D seismic reprocessing undertaking is right now in progress, the consequences of which will be fused into the prospectivity evaluation that will be finished up in mid-2016.

The Creation Sharing Contract (PSC) for Square 9, coastal Cuba, was executed on 3 September 2015. The Piece 9 PSC range is in a demonstrated hydrocarbon framework with different revelations inside close nearness, including the multi-billion barrel Varadero oil field. It likewise contains the Motembo field - the main oil field found in Cuba. As an early mover into Cuba, MEO is presently one of only a handful couple of western organizations with an impression in the extending Cuban hydrocarbon division.


MEO initiated 2D seismic reprocessing and reversal concentrates on over the Bee sanctuary prospect amid the quarter. Beginning results from the seismic reprocessing are demonstrating a huge upgrade to information quality with higher quality meaning of key parts of the prospect that are relied upon to bring about an empowering improvement of the prospectivity of Colony. The seismic reprocessing and reversal study is to be finished by mid-2016. The potential penetrating of the prospect has additionally been conceded by 12 months until late 2017.

New Zealand – PEP51153

MEO was instructed amid the quarter that vendors regarding Kea Petroleum Constrained (Kea), Administrator of PEP51153 had gone into a restrictive assention for the offer of its 70% enthusiasm for the grant. The exchange is liable to New Zealand administrative endorsements. The proposed acquirer is an Administrator with existing creation in the area conceivably bringing critical operational cooperative energies. MEO is a joint endeavor member in PEP51153 (MEO 30%), and its enthusiasm for the grant is not influenced by the arrangement of outlets to Kea. Points of interest of the approaching party will be discharged at the appropriate time.

Corporate Rundown

Amid the quarter MEO executed a private arrangement concurrence with London recorded Leni Gas Cuba Constrained to raise $1.4 million. Around 140 million shares were issued at a humble premium to the past shutting offer cost. The assets are to be utilized to propel investigation on Cuba Piece 9. The situation makes Leni Gas Cuba Restricted the biggest single shareholder in MEO with a 15.8% enthusiasm for the organization.

Money equalization at end of quarter

Merged money parity at 31 Walk 2016 was $4.95 million.

New Pursuits

MEO perceives the present business environment is helpful for getting resources at an appealing cost. Screening for corporate alternatives, early passage and resource opportunities reliable with our methodology proceeds.

Needs for the present quarter finishing 30 June 2016

• Advancement exercises in the Square 9 PSC, Inland Cuba.

• Complete seismic reprocessing and reversal over Apiary prospect, WA-488-P.

• Help with exchange of Operatorship of PEP51153 (coastal New Zealand).

• Keep screening for corporate alternatives and resource opportunities that improve MEO shareholder esteem.

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Low sulfur fuel oil industry - headways in innovation bring new open doors for this business sector by 2020 Friday, Apr 29, 2016

Low sulfur fuel oil industry - headways in innovation bring new open doors for this business sector by 2020

Friday, Apr 29, 2016


Private warming oil is likewise alluded to as fuel oil. It is a center distillate petroleum item and is like plane fuel and lamp oil. In the previous couple of years, fuel oil and diesel were thought to be indistinguishable. The same refined petroleum item was acquired and sold through corner stores as parkway fuel and as warming oil by merchants. In the present situation, private warming oil is thought to be not quite the same as parkway fuel for two principle reasons: firstly, in 1990s, the U.S. Natural Security Organization (EPA)has passed a direction that diesel oil utilized for transportation reason ought to have a sulfur substance of under 500 sections for each million. Nonetheless, to heat oil, sulfur substance was kept in the scope of 2,000 ppm to 2,500 ppm. Further, the thruway powers are exhausted on per unit cost by both elected and state governments, so as to raise income and to give subsidizing to parkway trust stores. Since warming oil is not saddled on the same lines as that of expressway fuel, it is colored in cranberry red shading to separate it from roadway fuel.

The warming oil industry has a boundless affair of supplying warming items and administrations particularly in the Assembled States. In 1940s, oil went about as a substitute for supplanting coal as essential warming source in the U.S. When contrasted with coal, oil was less costly, cleaner and profoundly productive. For these obvious reasons, it has been generally used in the Assembled States and all through the world. Dominant part of the organizations that were in the matter of offering coal and ice, beginning getting to be retailers of warming oil and in the end the business began developing at a solid rate. Enormous extent of these oil organizations were family-claimed and have been in presence throughout the years. Because of this trademark, the warming oil industry possessed a one of a kind position in the U.S. market.

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While lessening the sulfur content in interstate diesel, a slight effect was made on the sulfur content in warming oil. According to the assigned business guidelines 5,000 ppm was considered as the top line for sulfur in warming oil. The normal stocks for warming oil tend to lie in the scope of 2,000 ppm to 2,500 ppm. This is significantly because of the overflow impact from refining of thruway diesels refineries fabricate warming fuel and transportation diesel by the same procedures. The sulfur content in oil, then principally relies on upon the spot where the procedure was completed.

In the present situation, refineries deliver low sulfur diesel fuel that meets every one of the parameters set around Environment Assurance Office particularly for transportation use. Since warming oil and diesel is basically the same item, merchants are taking the upsides of offering the low sulfur fuel as warming oil. As of now, warming oil must contain under 0.5 percent sulfur to agree to ASTM measures. Notwithstanding, the distinction in cost of oil and low sulfur oil is thought to be less. In the event that interest for low sulfur fuel oil increments at a solid rate the value differential ought to be decreased to zero. The investigation completed by controlling powers thinks about low sulfur warming oil and conventional warming oil in numerous zones, for example, amount of buildup kept, air contamination outflows, evaluated ecological effects and expenses connected with gear support.

Stringent ecological guidelines and directions and strict government standards of different nations are a portion of the key drivers of the low sulfur fuel oil market. Nonetheless, less learning among individuals with respect to low sulfur fuel oil can hamper the development of the business sector sooner rather than later. Headways in innovation bring new open doors for low sulfur fuel oil market.

A percentage of the key organizations in the matter of low sulfur fuel oil are Neste Oil, Exxon Mobil Partnership, Marathon Petroleum Organization LP, R.W. Davis Oil Organization, Whiteley Fuel Oil Organization, Lehigh Energizes LLC,Chevron Company and Joined Metro Vitality Corp.

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Rig based well get to framework - still in vogue? Industry bits of knowledge 2020 Friday, Apr 29, 2016 tmr-160x160

Rig based well get to framework - still in vogue? Industry bits of knowledge 2020

Friday, Apr 29, 2016


Rig based well get to frameworks, is the most seasoned sort of subsea well get to framework which utilizes an apparatus while penetrating and mediation of subsea wells. The expanding generation exercises in profound seaward areas have prompted the expanding advancement of the worldwide apparatus based well get to frameworks market. Rig based well get to frameworks guarantee that the subsea boring and mediation exercises are done effectively. These frameworks are used to accomplish greatest wellbeing and dependability which thusly guarantees most extreme yield amid generation.

The business sector for apparatus based well get to frameworks is expected to ascend at a significant pace in the anticipated period attributable to the expanding request from profound seaward oil and gas boring exercises. There is likewise a developing prerequisite for mediation in old subsea wells, particularly in Europe and South American locales; this would promote empower the reception of these frameworks.

Because of the aggressive way of the oil and gas market, there is a quickened concentrate on enhancing creation productivity. The prerequisite of ad libbed creation productive supplies and expanding advancement of deepwater oil and gas stores are the essential drivers for the apparatus based well get to frameworks market. The need to support recuperation rates from the subsea wells will upgrade the business sector development of these frameworks. The old seaward wells require normal intercession to keep up the creation rates, along these lines the requirement for apparatus based well get to frameworks increments in such situations.

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All the significant investigation organizations have put tremendous sums in seaward areas; solid establishment of subsea types of gear is a basic part for effective generation of oil and gas in these areas. Rig based well get to frameworks are uniquely used in vast seaward oil and gas holds. Be that as it may, the fast advancement of riserless light well mediation will hamper the further market development of these frameworks later on. The high establishment and operational dangers connected with apparatus based well get to frameworks likewise go about as a restriction for this business sector.

The business sector for apparatus based well get to frameworks can be fragmented into three general classifications in light of the frameworks utilized for subsea well get to. Fruition riser frameworks are fundamentally intended for safe establishment and mediation of subsea trees. Landing string frameworks are actualized inside the boring vessel framework to interface subsea fruition and intercession. While, tubing rotating frameworks are utilized as a part of substantial tubing operations.

As oil and gas administrators keep on exploring holds in deepwater territories, the business sector for apparatus based well get to framework keeps on developing at an expanding pace. The rising revelation rate of seaward fields in the Latin American district will give the significant business sector to this business sector in the coming future. Europe is additionally one of the business sectors for apparatus based well get to frameworks basically because of a substantial number of generally existing wells which require critical upgrade. The business sector is required to become further in Europe, particularly in the U.K and Norwegian markets. Numerous imminent seaward gas wells in Africa will be a potential variable for the development of this business sector portion in future. Asia Pacific and Center East are the other potential districts which are foreseen to build interest in apparatus based well get to frameworks market.

A portion of the major worldwide players contending in the apparatus based well get to frameworks business sector are FMC Advances, Schlumberger, Aker Arrangements, Proserv, Cameron Global, Tenaris, National Oilwell Varco and Weatherford Arrangements.

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Statoil sends help for helicopter crash Friday, Apr 29, 2016

Statoil sends help for helicopter crash

Friday, Apr 29, 2016

The oil and gas major Statoil, was advised of a helicopter crash in Norway at 12.20pm today. The accident has happened west of the Norwegian city of Bergen and is thought to have 13 individuals on board.

It is not yet known of any survivors, in spite of the fact that there have been reports from salvage authorities that individuals were found in the ocean. In any case, the effect of the accident has been severe to the point that the helicopter seems to have been completely devastated, with thick smoke appearing in photos taken from the accident site.

Statoil has affirmed that it has activated its crisis reaction association and grounded all CHC Helicopters.

Red Fog Media Group

Gazprom and Shell address continuous and future participation Friday, Apr 29, 2016

Gazprom and Shell address continuous and future participation

Friday, Apr 29, 2016

A working meeting between Alexey Mill operator, Director of the Gazprom Administration Advisory group, and Ben van Beurden, CEO of Shell, occurred in St. Petersburg today.

The gatherings tended to the prospects for coordinated effort between the organizations under the Understanding of Vital Participation. An accentuation was set on a potential resource swap.

The meeting additionally surveyed the progressing front-end building outline (Food) process for the third creation train of the LNG plant inside the Sakhalin II venture.

The members talked about inside and out the advancement of the Nord Stream 2 venture.

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EIA: Characteristic gas net imports in 2015 at most minimal level subsequent to 1986 Friday, Apr 29, 2016

EIA: Characteristic gas net imports in 2015 at most minimal level subsequent to 1986

Friday, Apr 29, 2016

U.S characteristic gas net imports tumbled to 2.6 billion cubic feet for every day (Bcf/d) in 2015, proceeding with a decrease that started in 2007, when net imports of common gas surpassed 10 Bcf/d. While both U.S. regular gas utilization and generation have expanded as of late, characteristic gas creation has become marginally quicker, bringing about a decrease in net imports. Expanding household generation of characteristic gas has diminished U.S. dependence on imported normal gas and kept U.S. characteristic gas costs generally low.

Generally U.S. imports of common gas drop by pipeline from Canada. A little and declining measure of imported melted normal gas (LNG) comes principally from Trinidad. Generally U.S. fares of regular gas are sent by pipeline to Mexico and Canada. The Unified States additionally traded LNG and packed characteristic gas to a few nations, yet these volumes were generally negligible in 2015. EIA's Transient Vitality Standpoint expects that the Unified States will turn into a net exporter of regular gas by mid-2017.

As of late, expanding creation from shale plays in the Unified States has brought about an expansion in U.S. regular gas sends out. Since 2012, the characteristic gas pipeline industry has included 3.4 Bcf/d and 0.2 Bcf/d of fare ability to Mexico and Canada, separately. Thus, U.S. regular gas fares to Mexico developed from 1.3 Bcf/d in 2011 to 2.9 Bcf/d in 2015. U.S. common gas net imports from Canada have remained generally stable subsequent to 2011.

The normal gas industry arrangements to construct 5.4 Bcf/d and 3.4 Bcf/d of extra fare ability to Canada and Mexico by 2019, separately. Interest for extra fare limit from the Assembled States to Canada and Mexico is driven by creation development in the Unified States and expanding request in northern Mexico from force generators that utilization common gas.

Before 2010, the Unified States was growing its LNG import base. The common gas industry fabricated eight new LNG import terminals somewhere around 2005 and 2011: two in New Britain and six in the Bay of Mexico. Net LNG imports represented 19% of aggregate U.S. net imports of all regular gas in 2007, however LNG's offer of imports tumbled to 7% in 2015. Certain parts of the Unified States, for example, New Britain, keep on relying on LNG imports as a result of restricted access to locally delivered normal gas. Other LNG terminals are adding liquefaction plants to give LNG to trades. The Sabine Pass LNG liquefaction office was finished not long ago and made its first shipment (to Brazil) on February 24.

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IMI Basic Designing takes LNG forward through advancement Friday, Apr 29, 2016

IMI Basic Designing takes LNG forward through advancement

Friday, Apr 29, 2016

As a worldwide pioneer in the part, IMI Basic Building takes consideration to stay at the vanguard of advances and developments that influence serious administration valves and their applications. Consistently, as a component of its business arranging process, it unites its deals and building staff to look at the long haul patterns in, and information from, the vitality business. This permits the organization to pool data and viably focus on its innovative work ability into undertakings that will include genuine quality for clients.

The previous five years have demonstrated that vitality clients are under constantly expanding weight to produce return on their ventures through economies of scale; this is especially the situation where those clients are building and working plants, for instance in the condensed common gas (LNG) part. So when the yearly business arranging forms uncovered to IMI Basic Building's IMI CCI business that another methodology was expected to designing huge valves with a delta measurement of 20 inches or a greater amount of the sort regularly utilized as a part of LNG and other plant applications, the innovative work group realized that they needed to locate an inventive arrangement.

The difficulties

The test, similar to the valves being referred to, was no little matter. The LNG part has progressed rather rapidly with numerous different procedures, sizes and gear suppliers, all of which effect the related valves utilized. Numerous plants were utilizing 12" to 24" valves to produce 1 to 3 MTPA (million ton for every annum) of LNG.

Be that as it may, LNG liquefaction plants started to develop in scale in the early piece of 2000, with a developing prerequisite for extensive valves which could never again be created by customary fashioning.

Accordingly, IMI CCI started to deliver the greater LNG valves from castings, which were gotten from the before manufactured shapes. This functioned admirably, yet by 2010 the required valve size had expanded even more. The primary "uber" ventures arrived, and the time of the creature LNG valve had started.

IMI CCI could scale up its legacy castings, with some level of accomplishment, however there were issues. This procedure to some degree constrained the extension ability to advance and justify the valve range - a specific issue given a portion of the configuration components included. These included tapped or studded ribs on both the gulf and outlet ports, which have been appeared to be testing while expelling valves from the establishment.

What's more, issues identified with the quantity of lifting and taking care of backings – a greater amount of these were required as valve size and subsequently weight developed, with a few castings now weighing around 15,000 lbs (6.8 tons). Castings had habitually been given on a vocation by-employment premise, which albeit important to meet the one of a kind qualities of plant outline and process, made extra difficulties in applying lessons learned and best practice. At long last, the barrel shaped state of the castings had gotten to be wasteful and was currently conveying a lot of weight. A round configuration would be a great deal more proper for advanced LNG applications.

The arrangement

IMI CCI consequently set out to make another scope of lightweight, round castings, particularly for the LNG market. The new range would have a completely supported lattice of sizes and weight classes, so IMI CCI started with an exhaustive study of its worldwide generation history over the earlier decade. In light of this, the organization made an estimating and weight class conspire that characterized the venture scope.

It took three months to make the geometry. The point was to supplant the current round and hollow shape with a circular profile, to spare weight and improve the configuration without trading off on quality. The IMI CCI group made another design, and a parametric model that permitted them to set up the connections between side port, display distance across and radii of shape. This implied plans inside the new range could be immediately scaled from little to huge sizes.

The improvement group connected limited component investigation (FEA) and computational liquid progression (CFD) to the item advancement process.

More than 20 valve outlines were examined through FEA where it was found that a potential shortcoming in the configuration happened in the range encompassing the outlet port. This shortcoming was because of the crossing point of the valve body display and the side rib. In spite of the fact that the configuration consented to the ASME code, the FEA study uncovered a region of high stretch. The group found a strategy to strengthen this crossing point and approved their methodology with extra FEA concentrates on.

The outcomes

This anticipate has been a colossal achievement and valves from the new range have as of now been introduced and effectively utilized as a part of major LNG ventures. The new valves have created better cost, conveyance and security profiles than their legacy forerunners, and have addressed industry needs by giving better stream, quick reaction and solid configuration. Through the span of the previous two years the group has bolstered these valves being outlined and introduced into plants extending from joined cycle power units in India, to refineries in Trinidad and Tobago and LNG liquefaction units in Russia and the Assembled States.

IMI CCI has now settled the new enhanced outline as standard, and is properly pleased with having afresh taken the extreme administration valve industry forward through advancement.

About IMI Basic Designing

Some portion of IMI plc, IMI Basic Building is a world-driving supplier of basic stream control arrangements which empower basic vitality and procedure commercial ventures to work securely, neatly, dependably and all the more productively. Utilizing more than 4,000 individuals, the organization works a worldwide administration system with 12 producing offices around the world. It draws on broad specialized information, building outline ability and application experience to make hand crafted items offering unrivaled toughness, security and execution.

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Eni recharges system assention for joint examination ventures with the Politecnico di Torino Friday, Apr 29, 2016

Eni recharges system assention for joint examination ventures with the Politecnico di Torino

Friday, Apr 29, 2016

A large portion of the measures of EU vitality and environment strategy are gone for the dynamic diminishment of nursery gas emanations, as seen at the COP21 meeting in Paris that brought about the main ever widespread concurrence on atmosphere, marked last Friday in New York by more than 170 nations.

This is the connection for the recharging of the coordinated effort amongst Eni and the Politecnico di Torino that started in 2008. The center of the assention marked today is all-round mechanical advancement, specifically with respect to the improvement of reasonable development in the vitality part. The use of progressively shrewd and eco-accommodating advances for the investigation of fossil powers and the meaning of new materials, and also the investigation of procedures to bolster renewable energies and ecological observing, are only a portion of the zones that will be sought after and which will make conceivable the capacity to enhance the execution of business procedures and their coordination in the regions in which the organization works.

Taking after the consenting to of the arrangement, Claudio Descalzi, CEO of Eni, held a presentation on the most proficient method to deal with the move of vitality towards a low carbon future keeping in mind the end goal to utmost environmental change.

Marco Gilli, minister of the Politecnico di Torino remarked: "The Politecnico is building a universal notoriety as one of the central focuses for examination into vitality frameworks, as the late opening of the Vitality Center in Turin illustrates; it is a zone that inexorably requests an interdisciplinary methodology and the aggregate engagement of the main open and private players in the financial framework. Our organization with Eni depends on a merged shared relationship that means to build up a multiyear project of preparing and research that spotlights on the utilization of bleeding edge advances to vitality frameworks, with the synergic and joint commitment of examination from both bodies and the dynamic interest of understudies.

Claudio Descalzi, CEO of Eni, remarked: " Eni's history has been based on examination and mechanical advancement for the production of quality for our future. This is the reason, in the intricate situation as of now being knowledgeable about the oil business, we keep on investing in examination. Our coordinated effort with the Politecnico di Torino is a long haul relationship that has its roots in the 1960s and that as of late has delivered huge results. Eni keeps on teaming up with focuses of perfection both in Italy and abroad and, along these lines, sends a solid message and makes a genuine commitment to the huge issue of vitality move."

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