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Monday, July 6, 2015

FLEX LNG to secure LNG resources from EXMAR and GEVERAN

Flex LNG (the "Organization") is satisfied to declare that it has concurred with EXMAR NV ("EXMAR") and Geveran Exchanging Co. Ltd. ("GEVERAN") (an organization by implication controlled by trusts built up by John Fredriksen for the advantage of his quick family) on the primary terms for an obtaining of EXMAR's and GEVERAN's individual Condensed Normal Gas ("LNG") resources and Melted Regular Gas Base ("LNGi") in return for new partakes in the Organization being issued to EXMAR and GEVERAN ("the Exchange"). The Organization plans to change its name to EXMAR LNG endless supply of the Exchange. The Exchange is in addition to other things subject to last documentation and every important regard from powers and outsiders and in addition support of pertinent parts of the Exchange (counting issuance of the thought offers) by the shareholders of the Organization.

The Organization's endless supply of the Endless supply of the Exchange, the Organization will possess intrigues principally in:

- Six (6) LNG bearers ("LNGc"), out of which four (4) are under development and will be the latest era of LNGc with Fundamental Motor Gas Infusion (MEGI) drive framework,

- Five (5) Coasting Stockpiling and Regasification Units ("FSRU"), of which one (1) is under development to turn into the world's first regasification scow,

- Two (2) Coasting Liquefaction Units ("FLNG") presently under development of which Caribbean FLNG which will be the world's first FLNG unit to be conveyed in the first Quarter 2016 under a long – term contract to Pacific Rubiales (ticker: PRE),

- An aggregate of 80 years of joined firm time sanctions with respectable organizations, whereof the six cruising units will have all things considered 11 years firm contracts and the Caribbean FLNG will have 15 years firm contract from conveyance, and

- An aggregate of five diverse FLNG selectiveness understandings and four distinctive FSRU eliteness assentions. Endless supply of the Exchange, the Organization will have an expected venture estimation of give or take USD 2.3 billion and a value estimation of pretty nearly USD 823.3 million, making one of the biggest free gliding LNG base players in the business.

The Organization will be incorporating liquefaction, delivery and regasification resources, successfully turning into an one stop shop along the LNG worth chain and covering the full range from little scale to substantial scale gliding LNG base arrangements. The aspiration is to seek after further development inside of the LNG worth chain. The Organization has a critical arrangement of continuous business delicate ventures and select joining forces understandings. The aim is to back such development with money produced from existing activities, private and open obligation and possibly new value.

Taking after culmination of the Exchange, it is normal that the Organization will have Nicolas Saverys as Administrator of the Board and Bart Lavent as its CEO.

Remarking on the Exchange, David McManus the administrator of the top managerial staff of the Organization said: "Since finishing the rebuilding of the Organization it was clear that the following step was to make solid associations with industry players to develop the organization into a noteworthy constrain in the LNG worth chain.

This procedure began with the interest in the Organization by GEVERAN and I accept that now joining our endeavors with EXMAR, an organization that has been at the bleeding edge of the mechanical advancements for quite a long time, positions the Organization to augment shareholders' quality in the long haul." Nicolas Saverys (CEO of EXMAR) remarked: "We are amped up for this new mix of quality with FLEX LNG and GEVERAN. This new pursuit will empower us to make shareholders esteem for the long haul and will permit us to keep on growwing in all portions of the LNG quality chain. We are profoundly dedicated to making this a win for all partners and existing and in addition future clients."

Remarking on the Exchange, John Fredriksen said: "I have known Nicolas Saverys and Exmar for over 30 years. They have built up a great specialized stage inside of the LNG business. Together I accept we are remarkably situated to develop and add to this organization to the regale of all shareholders. I am extremely energetic about this association."

The Exchange In accordance with the Exchange, EXMAR will exchange its LNG and LNGi resources and ventures to the Organization by method for the Organization securing 100% of the shares in EXMAR's backup, Exmar Vitality Hong Kong Constrained ("EXMAR HK") in return for 323,723,775 new partakes in the Organization. EXMAR HK's fundamental resources will be half possession stakes in two (2) current LNG bearers, five (5) Gliding Stockpiling and Regasification Units (FSRU), of which one is under development to turn into the world's first regasification freight boat, and 100% proprietorship stakes in two (2) Coasting Liquefaction Units (FLNG) at present under development. The gatherings have concurred that up to 45,221,115 of the shares issued to EXMAR are callable by the Organization dependent upon the accomplished income from the Caribbean FLNG vessel.

Further, GEVERAN will, through its associates, exchange two (2) LNG vessels under development to the Organization in return for 49,566,724 shares in the Organization. The obtaining will be finished by method for the Organization gaining 100 % of the shares in Uncommon Reason Vehicles (SPVs). All offer sums are liable to conformities for genuine parity things using a credit card/charge premise according to inspected figures 30 June 2015.

The relative valuation between Flex, Exmar and Geveran is based upon various valuation standards. The Flex and Geveran valuations are based upon the contracting cost of their shipbuilding contracts and other brought about expenses identified with the development process. A comparative methodology is connected on the uncontracted Exmar shipbuilding contracts, while existing vessels and the Caribbean FLNG valuation is taking into account different income and numerous appraisals. As premise for its contemplations, the Organization's board has in addition to other things got a decency supposition from Cold Securities AS which infers that the shares to be issued to Geveran and Exmar speak to a reasonable remuneration from the Organization for going into the Exchange. The Exchange is required to close amid the second from last quarter of 2015, subject to fulfillment of specific conditions, including acceptable due determination, concession to complete exchange archives, shareholder regards, receipt of all partner endorsements and receipt of all administrative and budgetary organizations approbation.

Endless supply of the Exchange, EXMAR will possess 323,723,775 shares in the Organization, breaking even with 64.6 for each penny of the exceptional shares and votes, and GEVERAN will claim 153,748,561 shares in the Organization, rising to 30.7 for every penny of the remarkable shares and votes (subject to changes as said above). Therefore, EXMAR will trigger a commitment to make a required offer for the remaining partakes in the Organization inside of four weeks of the consummation of the Exchange as per section 6 of the Norwegian securities exchanging act. GEVERAN has embraced not to delicate its partakes in the required offer. The Organization will at the appropriate time course send a notification of unprecedented general meeting to sanction pertinent parts of the Exchange (counting issuance of the thought offers). The Organization will likewise propose to change the arrangement of its governing body as a consequence of the new possession structure in the Organization. The Organization means to stay recorded on Oslo Axess under its new name, and will set up a posting outline for the shares to be issued regarding the Exchange.

For more data, please visit : http://www.flexlng.c

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