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Monday, July 6, 2015

ZaZa Vitality reports mid-year 2015 stores and operational overhaul

Mid-year 2015 demonstrated stores expanded by 487% to 5.9 MMBOE from year-end 2014

Demonstrated created stores expanded by 46% to 1.0 MMBOE

Pre-charge PV10 of demonstrated stores expanded by 238% to $48.8 million

3P stores of 21.5 MMBOE with 270 boring areas

ZaZa Vitality Enterprise ("ZaZa" or the "Organization") (NASDAQ: ZAZA) today gave a stores and operations overhaul on the Organization's exercises in the Falcon Passage East, where it has give or take 140,000 gross (35,000 net) sections of land inside of a Region of Common Interest ("AMI") with EOG Assets ("EOG"). The Organization's evaluated stores, including the assessed plausible and conceivable stores, were arranged by its free repository building firm, Cawley, Gillespie & Partners, Inc.

Demonstrated Stores

ZaZa Vitality has reported that demonstrated stores expanded by 487%, coming to 5.9 million barrels of oil equal ("MMBOE") at July 1, 2015, up from 1.0 MMBOE at December 31, 2014. 60% of ZaZa Vitality's demonstrated stores at July 1, 2015 were fluids weighted, and 83% of the Organization's demonstrated stores were delegated demonstrated undeveloped at July 1, 2015. Demonstrated created stores expanded to 1.0 MMBOE at July 1, 2015, up 46% from 0.7 MMBOE at December 31, 2014. The pre-duty present estimation without bounds net incomes ("PV10") of ZaZa Vitality's demonstrated stores at July 1, 2015 was $48.8 million when contrasted with $14.5 million at December 31, 2014.

Also, ZaZa Vitality's mid-year 2015 store report recognized 6.8 MMBOE of plausible stores and 8.7 MMBOE of conceivable stores, for aggregate 3P stores of 21.5 MMBOE. ZaZa Vitality's 3P stores are situated inside of its 140,000 gross section of land East Texas region of Walker, Madison and Grimes provinces.

All evaluated net stores expect a 25% working enthusiasm to ZaZa Vitality, except for those wells in which EOG has non-assented (ZaZa Vitality - 100% working hobby) and certain undeveloped saves in which Quantum Vitality Accomplices ("Quantum") holds a future cooperation right (ZaZa Vitality - ~21% working hobby). Should EOG and Quantum non-agree to any of ZaZa's extra proposed advancement wells, ZaZa Vitality would expect a 100% working intrigue and get a 4x various on the figures included inside of the report.

The table beneath abridges ZaZa's assessed net stores utilizing SEC estimating, broken out by store classification.


(MBbl) NGL

(MBbl) Gas

(MMcf) Total 1


% Liquids PV10 2

($ MM) Gross


Demonstrated Created Producing 253.2 126.1 1,863.8 690.0 55.0% $9.9 35

Demonstrated Grew Behind Pipe 50.9 30.3 1,355.4 307.0 26.4% 3.7 4

Demonstrated Undeveloped 1,410.2 1,664.2 11,188.1 4,939.1 62.2% 35.1 53

Aggregate Demonstrated Reserves 1,714.3 1,820.7 14,407.4 5,936.2 59.5% $48.8 92

Probable 1,947.1 2,297.9 15,448.2 6,819.7 62.2% $36.8 77

Possible 2,496.4 2,945.4 19,801.0 8,741.9 62.2% 32.7 101

Downright 3P Reserves 6,157.7 7,064.0 49,656.5 21,497.8 61.5% $118.3 270

Operations Overhaul

As already revealed, as per the terms of the Organization's East Texas Joint Working Concurrence with EOG Assets, ZaZa now has the privilege to propose new advancement wells in particular areas and keep up its fancied least boring pace. ZaZa has proposed the accompanying two new AFEs for Buda-Rose vertical ("stack and frac") wells to be situated in Walker and Grimes areas: (i) the Butch - T #1 and (ii) the Chocolate - 7 #1. These two introductory wells are a piece of ZaZa's 2H 2015 eight well vertical improvement program, each assessed to cost more or less $3.0 million and convey an inner rate of return of ~40% at current item costs. ZaZa expects the generation aftereffects of the new wells to be like those accomplished by the Organization's past Toby #1V (aggregate one-year creation of ~181,069 BOE), Grisham #1V (combined one-year generation of ~190,720 BOE), and Laura Unit #1V (total one-year creation of ~135,911 BOE) wells.

Butch - T #1. Recognized as the first well to be spud for the Organization, situated in northwest Walker area. The area has been finished, the well has been allowed, and the boring foreman has been recognized. The well is relied upon to spud in July 2015.

Chocolate - 7 #1. Recognized as the second well to be spud for the Organization, situated in upper east Grimes area. The area has been reviewed and stacked, the application to bore has been submitted and is pending regard. The Organization hopes to spud the well in 3Q 2015.

Three Workovers. ZAZA is likewise pushing ahead with workovers on three current Walker province wells to 1) re-frac the Buda in the Josey Wales #1HR, 2) drill fittings out over the Bird Portage, Buda, and Glen Ascended in the Josey Wales #1, and 3) bar pump test the Woodbine in the Genuine Coarseness #1. The Organization hopes to begin workover operations in July 2015.

Todd Rivulets, President and Chief of ZaZa Vitality remarked, "We are satisfied to have our demonstrated stores build five-fold from the year-end, which affirms ZaZa's huge penetrating stock on its 140,000 gross grounds position in the Bird Portage East. Our operational procedure is centered around boring demonstrated, exceedingly financial Buda-Rose vertical stack and frac wells that will build our income, creation, and stores."

Certain Definitions

Under Securities and Trade Commission rules, the item costs utilized as a part of the July 1, 2015 and December 31, 2014 PV10 assessments were in light of the 12-month unweighted number-crunching normal of the first day of the month costs for the period July 1, 2014 through June 1, 2015, and for the period January 1, 2014 through December 1, 2014, individually, balanced by lease for transportation charges and local value differentials. For unrefined petroleum volumes, the normal West Texas Middle of the road posted cost of $71.68 per barrel used to ascertain PV10 at July 1, 2015 was down 25% from the normal cost of $94.99 per barrel used to compute PV10 at December 31, 2014. For normal gas volumes, the normal Henry Center point spot cost of $3.39 per million English warm units ("MMBTU") used to figure PV10 at July 1, 2015 was down 22% from the normal cost of $4.35 per MMBTU used to compute PV10 at December 31, 2014. All costs were held steady all through the assessed financial existence of the properties.

The SEC obliges oil and normal gas organizations, in filings made with the SEC, to reveal demonstrated stores, which are those amounts of oil and regular gas that by investigation of geoscience and designing information can be evaluated with sensible sureness to be financially producible from a given date forward, from known supplies, and under existing monetary conditions, working systems, and government regulations.

Plausible stores are those extra holds that are less sure to be recouped than demonstrated saves yet which, together with demonstrated stores, are as likely not to be recuperated. Conceivable stores are those extra holds that are less sure to be recuperated than likely saves.

Non-GAAP Divulgence

With an end goal to give speculators extra data to look at the relative size and estimation of ZaZa's stores when contrasted with different organizations, we reveal certain non-GAAP money related measures in our profit press discharges and other open revelations. Pre-charge PV10 quality is a non-GAAP monetary measure as characterized by the SEC. ZaZa accepts that the presentation of pre-expense PV10 quality is important and valuable to the Organization's financial specialists in light of the fact that it exhibits the reduced future net money streams owing to ZaZa's stores before considering corporate future pay charges and the Organization's present duty structure. ZaZa further accepts speculators and loan bosses use pre-charge PV10 esteem as a premise for examination of the relative size and estimation of ZaZa's stores as contrasted and different organizations.

The Institutionalized Measure are reduced future net money streams evaluated by applying year-end costs to the assessed future creation of year-end demonstrated stores. Future money inflows are lessened by assessed future generation and advancement expenses taking into account period end expenses to focus pre-duty money inflows. Future pay charges, if appropriate, are registered by applying the statutory assessment rate to the abundance of pre-expense money inflows over our duty premise in the oil and gas properties. Future net money inflows after wage charges are marked down utilizing a 10% yearly markdown rate. PV10 may vary from Institutionalized Measure in light of the fact that it does exclude the impacts of salary charges on future net incomes. The impacts of wage assessments on future net income are evaluated to be zero for all periods exhibited and there is no assessed distinction between Institutionalized Measure and PV10.

This news discharge contains forward-peered articulations inside of the significance of Area 27A of the Securities Demonstration of 1933 and Segment 21E of the Securities Trade Demonstration of 1934. All announcements, other than proclamations of recorded actuality, including without confinement, articulations and projections in regards to the Organization's future money related position, operations, execution, business technique, returns, spending plans, stores, levels of generation and expenses, capacity to raise extra capital or renegotiate obligation, explanations in regards to future ware costs and explanations in regards to the arrangements and goals of the Organization's administration for future operations, are forward-looking articulations. The Organization's forward looking proclamations are normally gone before by, trailed by or incorporate words, for example, "will," "may," "could," "would," "ought to," "likely," "accept," "expect," "foresee," "plan," "assessment," "target," "objective," "venture," "plan," "mean" and comparative words or expressions. The Organization's forward-looking proclamations are not ensures of future execution and are just expectations and articulations of the Organization's convictions in light of as

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