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Monday, July 6, 2015

AQUASIGN National Hyperbaric Center (NHC) Team up

AQUASIGN, the main supplier of advantage distinguishing proof arrangements, as of late collaborated with National Hyperbaric Center (NHC) in an energizing venture where subsea markers were introduced into their cutting edge open air Test Tank. The marker plans highlighted incorporate the standard yellow and dark AQUASIGN logo, and additionally the NHC logo in red, blue and white.

Housed in Aberdeen, the 900,000 liter Test Tank encourages the sending of subsea gear, for example, ROVs for testing, whilst offering a protected jumping environment for preparing or kept an eye on trials. The NHC mean to enhance the standard of subsea security worldwide by guaranteeing gear and jumpers are readied for the oilfield operations to come.

NHC offers a scope of administrations to the subsea and plunging commercial enterprises around the world, including instructional classes, weight testing, counseling and crisis administrations. Like AQUASIGN, their emphasis is on upgrading wellbeing subsea – which incorporates applying knowledge of amazing seaward situations to their in-house testing and preparing offices.

AQUASIGN's emphasis is on keeping up security amid subsea intercession, by offering profoundly obvious submerged marker frameworks that are ensured for up to 80 years. Marine development has tremendous business noteworthiness in the business and postures dangers to jumpers when fundamental resource ID gets to be darkened. Aquasign® markers then again, uses one of a kind hostile to fouling innovation that averts marine development and guarantees snappy area of hardware whilst minimizing the time allotment spent amid intercession.

AQUASIGN are pleased to now be connected with the "Focal point of Fabulousness for Subsea Security" and will keep on supporting the business by advancing a sheltered workplace subsea.

For more data, please visit : http://www.aquasign.

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