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Monday, July 6, 2015

Alvopetro declares hinder 182 disclosure

Alvopetro Vitality Ltd. (TSX VENTURE:ALV) is satisfied to declare that our 182(B1) all around, situated on Square 182 in the Reconcavo bowl in the Condition of Bahia, Brazil, has found hydrocarbons. The 182(B1) all around came to an aggregate measured profundity of 2,095 meters. While boring, inflows of oil and arrangement gas were experienced into the wellbore from an over forced hydrocarbon bearing zone at give or take 1722 m MD in the Candeias Development. The well was controlled, the hydrocarbons were flowed out, the penetrating liquid thickness was expanded and the well was bored to aggregate profundity, effectively cased, and established. Because of the development weights experienced, cased-gap sonic and neutron logs were run. The logs show the well has experienced 6 meters of potential ordinary hydrocarbon pay in the Agua Grande Arrangement at 1900 - 1906 m MD, with a normal 35% water immersion and porosity scope of 10 - 14%. We plan to direct further cased gap logging and test the hydrocarbon capability of both the Candeias and Agua Grande Arrangements more than 72-hour beginning period tests and after that long-length of time tests as per Brazilian hydrocarbon regulations.

The well fulfills our present stage investigation work duty and we have two extra prospects on this piece.

We keep on focussing huge exertion on deciphering our broad reprocessed 3D seismic database. Our customary investigation stock has now extended to 21-prospects. One of our more planned customary oil investigation opportunities is a shallow focus on Piece 170, at 2,000 meters vertical profundity, that we plan to bore in the second a large portion of 2015.

We are additionally sourcing a bigger boring apparatus fit for effectively boring our first Bom Lugar level advancement oil well. It is normal this apparatus would likewise be utilized to bore the first of two ordinary oil prospects on Square 107 which are counterbalancing and undifferentiated from our Bom Lugar delivering field.

Upgraded Corporate Presentation

Alvopetro Vitality Ltd's. vision is to be the chief autonomous investigation and creation organization in Brazil, expanding shareholder esteem by applying development to underexploited open doors, while keeping up our emphasis on being a minimal effort administrator. Our method is to concentrate on three center open doors including lower danger improvement penetrating on our full grown fields, shallow traditional investigation, and the advancement of the huge hydrocarbon potential present in our profound Gomo asset play. Alvopetro's solid budgetary position, alongside our capable group and exceedingly forthcoming area base, position us to effectively seek after our methodology.

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