Saturday, August 15, 2015

RUD: NEW ICE-LBG-SR super revolution burden ring

RUD are pleased to be the first maker & supplier to offer this creative lifting point arrangement

The ICE-LBG-SR keeps up the outline of our prominent VLBG arrangement. The VLBG offers various preferences; it can be turned 360° and is loadable in all bearings. The NEW ICE-LBG-SR has a variety of inventive plans. Firstly, the twofold SR metal roller offers a definitive answer for turning and flipping at high meeting expectations burden limits (WLL) without influencing the mounting jolt dependability. It empowers the heap to pivot 360° in all headings under burden.

The propelled metal roller innovation is organized in a twofold manner which exchanges the strengths of the WLL into a pivot development without bastards. Evading unexpected loosening of the securing jolt.

The ICE-jolts are made of fine grain steel which ensures a high static and element quality with the littlest jolt distance across. Security is fundamental over all RUD items and the ICE-LBG-SR is an extraordinary illustration of this. The lifting point is obviously stamped with the base WLL for every single stacking heading. Licensed markings show to the client when the item is no more suitable of administration.

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